Two mini-poems accepted

The good news is that two very small pieces of mine are imminent—with “Ranunculus” and “Tonguetip, Springtime” to appear in the fifteenth issue of The Minison Zine. The zine’s conceit is the mini-sized re-exploration of traditional sonnets. Fourteen-letter poems, fourteen-sentence stories, etcetera. I went for fourteen-word… somethings. Let’s just say minisons…!

The issue should be out within the week.

The good news-turned-bad news is that my short story “Two for Joy” was accepted for this year’s northern summer anthology from Hecate Magazine, which puts out (put out) lovely anthologies in print and online. Unfortunately, the magazine shut down suddenly and completely at the start of this month. It’s very sad to see Hecate go and I hope the writers and artists will be able to find a new home for their work.

I’m glad to have had the chance to join the story of the magazine, if only briefly. Free digital downloads of past editions are currently still available online (officially, don’t worry)—see the Instagram linked above for details.

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